Carbon Literacy for Finance

What is Carbon Literacy® for Finance?

The creation of Carbon Literacy materials for Finance is currently underway.

Once publicly available, these materials will provide organisations within the Finance sector with a comprehensive resource for facilitating a day’s worth of tailored Carbon Literacy training. It will be designed to equip businesses within the industry with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the complex landscape of climate change. In this engaging journey, participants will undergo a dynamic learning experience, delving into modules covering climate change impacts, carbon footprints, policy positions, and actionable strategies.

Why Carbon Literacy® for the Finance Sector?

The finance sector, and the myriad of services that fall under this category, are key to facilitating how businesses and communities are included in the just transition to net zero. Early and coordinated action will help deliver a smooth transition for the economy.

Financial institutions can tap into new markets, redefine and stabilise economies and facilitate the transition to a sustainable future. The financial institutions that drive innovation in this way can position themselves as industry leaders and gain a competitive advantage. Responding to the climate crisis is no longer a choice, but a necessity for the financial industry’s sustainability and profitability.

Carbon Literacy training can facilitate the engagement and action piece for services within the finance sector on current compliance and legislation, and help prepare for future regulations that companies may not be aware of. All departments need to understand and learn to navigate this changing landscape, not just sustainability teams, so climate education within this sector is key to getting everyone on board and for staff retainment.

How to start your journey

The creation of Carbon Literacy materials for Finance is currently underway. We plan to create courses for various areas within the Finance sector. If you would like to work with us to create a shareable course for Finance, please contact us at

Key Questions

With staff shortages, can I commit my team's time to this training?

Yes! Many employees (particularly younger employees) now want to work for employers who take sustainability action seriously, and Carbon Literacy training can help with both staff recruitment and retention.

Training staff with Carbon Literacy is a form of professional development, helping to engage, empower, and provide all members of the team with the agency and confidence to have a say in how your business can take meaningful climate action.

Educated employees become advocates for genuine engagement and action towards tangible net-zero goals. A study by Harvard Business Review found that companies with well-implemented sustainability education programs experienced a 50% reduction in environmental incidents and a 25% improvement in overall performance.

What are the outcomes typically associated with completing course(s) in the Finance Sector?
  • Climate science within the finance sector and more generally.
  • Understanding how climate change is a systemic risk to the financial sector and how this can destabilize the normal functioning of the system and lead to serious negative consequences for the real economy.
  • Economic damages to the UK and globally
  • The function of financial sector and how CL training to address the risks within this sector
  • Physical risks and Transitional risks
  • How will climate change impact the area that you work within the finance sector?
  • Taking ‘Action’ and thinking about your role within the finance sector
  • Address Climate justice and a Just transition
  • Understanding key concepts within Sustainable Finance
  • Compliance and regulation within this sector
  • Balancing personal footprints (pensions, food, travel, transport).
  • Understanding your Sphere of influence and more on what you can do – opportunities within this sector
  • Action planning for reducing carbon emissions within this sector
Can I use my own branding?

The colour themes on the slides can be adapted to fit your organisational branding and you can include your own organisational logo. We do however ask that you keep the Carbon Literacy Logo in place, ensuring there is 25% spacing around the logo at all times.

"The course didn’t assume one type of business to fall under ‘financial services’ it gave lots of stats from leading organisations and was clearly articulated for us to understand."


"Most of us have some knowledge and a level of concern about climate change and how our behaviours and actions continue to have an adverse impact on the planet. The Carbon Literacy course really opens our eyes to both the level of damage we are causing and the urgency with which we need to start changing what we do, both personally and in our workplaces. This is a highly educational experience and includes a number of measures we can all take to reduce emissions and prevent harm going forward. I highly recommend it."

-Steve Carr, London Victoria


To find out more information about Carbon Literacy for Finance and our upcoming courses, please contact our team at

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