The Carbon Literacy Training Organisation (CLTO) accreditation identifies an organisation as having a depth of experience and expertise in designing and delivering quality Carbon Literacy training.

CLTO is primarily aimed at professional training organisations and consultancies that design and deliver Carbon Literacy training solutions at scale to many individuals and multiple organisations.

Accredited organisations will take precedence when support and consultancy work for Carbon Literacy delivery is required.

Keep Scotland Beautiful

Certified since:  2018

“Being recognised as a CLTO helps us demonstrate that we are the ‘go to’ people for anyone who is interested in bringing Carbon Literacy into their organisation.  Working with us, you can be confident you will have experienced and competent support at all stages of your Carbon Literacy journey.”


Museum Development North West

Certified since:  2018

Great Places

Certified since:  2018

“Having the CLTO accreditation certifies the quality of our courses and the experience of our trainers, enabling other organisations can book our training with confidence. This credibility means we can fulfil our Carbon Literacy objective to influence both from the bottom up, and the top down, enabling our leaders to make the bold decisions necessary with the informed support of the people they represent.”

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