Carbon Literacy Action Day

On the 14th of November 2024, to coincide with the UN COP29 Climate Negotiations, we are holding the biggest ever climate education and action training event.

And you can be a part of it!


What is the Carbon Literacy Action Day?

The annual International Carbon Literacy Action Day is the world’s largest climate education and action training event of it’s kind. From every corner of the globe, thousands of people of all ages, backgrounds, and nationalities will unite to undergo their day’s worth of Carbon Literacy training, catalysing action on climate change and delivering positive change wherever they are.

The Action Day 2024 will coincide with COP29 – the pinnacle climate event of the year. So, while world leaders gather to discuss and negotiate on climate policy in Azerbaijan, Carbon Literacy learners will be on-the-ground learning, collaborating and becoming empowered to act and drive impactful, tangible change.

The Action Day is fully inclusive and open to all, and on November 14th we will witness thousands of people from all walks of life, sectors, genders, ages and nations all around the world, participate and complete their days’ worth of Carbon Literacy training.

Who can get involved?

Just like Carbon Literacy itself, the Carbon Literacy Action Day is for anyone and everyone – no matter whether you are an individual, represent a community or belong to an organisation.

We already have a huge range of organisations from a breadth of sectors including, Universities & Colleges, Local Authorities, Museums and Galleries, Healthcare, Automotive, SMEs and many more, that will be participating in the Action Day.

Carbon Literacy includes you, no matter who you are or what you do.

Why get involved?

  • Be a part of the largest low-carbon climate education day.
  • Get involved in an exciting event while COP29 takes place.
  • Develop a greater understanding of climate change and take immediate and effective action to tackle the climate crisis.
  • Be a part of the breadth and diversity of Carbon Literacy, as we witness people from all backgrounds and countries around the world, come together and complete their days’ worth of Carbon Literacy training.
  • Use the Action Day as a catalyst to generate increased levels of involvement, activity and Carbon Literacy within your community, organisation or way of life.
  • Show your commitment to climate action.
  • And last but certainly not least, if you aren’t already, become certified as Carbon Literate and receive a unique Action Day certificate!

What happens on the Action Day?

On the Action Day, Carbon Literacy training will take place in locations all around the world. As training finishes throughout the day, organisations will share their final figures and results from their training, and we will tally those all-important numbers, learn the impact that the global Carbon Literacy community has had, and calculate the estimated carbon savings as a result.

At 5pm GMT on 14th November, we will commence our Action Day World Tour Webinar – a 90-minute online event where training providers from all around the world can join together in one ‘room’ to reflect on the day. We will virtually journey to global training venues where training providers will share their experiences and stories, as well as climate commitments made by leaners from the catalytic training day.

Watch the replay of the Action Day 2023 World Tour Webinar.

How Can I Get Involved?

To get involved in the Action Day, all you have to do is schedule or join an Action Day course.

For a training programme to qualify for the Action Day, it must end between Monday 11th – Thursday 14th November by 11.59 pm. While CLAD culminates on the 14th November, and we encourage as many training providers as possible to schedule training for this intended record-breaking day, we’ve extended the event to 4 days so that everyone who wants to can be part of the CLAD success.

Just like Carbon Literacy itself, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to taking part in the Action Day. You can get involved in any way that suits you, your organisation or your community.

To find out more information about how you can get involved this year, we’ve come up with the following five pathways to help you figure out what you can do to take part .

Please click on the pathway below which sounds most like you.

“The training empowered [staff] to engage more readily with our sustainable business model and made a big impact on the team. As a result of the training, this work has in itself become sustainable, with people taking ownership of their own responsibilities towards climate change, both in and out of work.”

ITV Studios – Silver CLO

"The [Carbon Literacy] event was extremely informative as well as shocking in terms of the potential consequences for our city region and beyond. As a leader, it really made you think about your own role-modelling and energised me to really start to drive the agenda from a strategic perspective within my own organisation."

Ian Hopkins, Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable

The Carbon Literacy course has stirred passion within me and has added purpose to how I live. I believe if more people were educated on this subject, the more positive changes and community support we will see

Nikita Star, Student at Manchester Met University

“We were looking for a training course that would ensure all staff received the same level of environmental understanding, for a reasonable cost. Carbon Literacy fit these criteria perfectly”.

Great Places Housing – Platinum CLO

“Some of the most important training I've ever done... I thought I knew about climate change, carbon reduction, and sustainability, I thought we were doing our bit, and then I went on a Carbon Literacy course. One day out of a busy diary, but boy did it make a massive difference. I was wrong on so many things that I thought I knew about."

Alice Webb, Director of BBC North

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