Community Pot

The Carbon Literacy Community Pot

Want to empower your community to take climate action, but facing funding barriers?

We’re all feeling the effects of climate change, and most of us want to do something about it. But those on the frontlines of climate change – who are often least responsible for causing the problem to begin with – also have fewer tools to enact the change they want to see.

Carbon Literacy® training is one proven and reliable tool for delivering action to cut carbon emissions and improve the health and prosperity of our communities in the process. Carbon Literacy is for everyone, but access to training varies globally due to relative spending power.

What is on offer?

Get support from our Community Pot

Our Community Pot aims to improve access to Carbon Literacy training for those who might otherwise struggle to afford the costs associated with initiating training.

The equivalent of £25,000  in funded services is available in this round, for low-income and underrepresented groups in countries in the Global South (maximum of £5000 per applicant).

The funded services available include:

  • Course accreditation
  • Certificate applications
  • Access to our Toolkits
  • Additional support to establish your CL Initiative
  • Assistance with comms to amplify your work

The Community Pot has been created with contributions from organisations that have paid enhanced rates for Carbon Literacy Certificate Applications. For this round, we have received additional funding via our Empower Global Communities campaign, as part of the Big Give’s Green Match Fund.

So, what are you waiting for? Use this opportunity to bring Carbon Literacy to your community, empowering every voice to take their best action and build a stronger, more connected and prosperous community for tomorrow, today.

Who can apply?

We welcome applications from organisations in the Global South that are:

  • Small community groups that have limited or no other funds
  • Charities and Not-for-profits with < £25k annual revenue
  • Publicly funded schools, particularly small schools with little budget
  • Other underrepresented and marginalised groups

How to apply

Application window opens – Wednesday 29th May 2024 at 12pm
Application window closes – Friday 28th June 2024 at 12pm.

Before applying, please make sure you have read the Application Guidance.

This document provides detailed information concerning:

  • Definitions of key terms
  • The funded services on offer
  • Eligibility criteria
  • A copy of the questions with example answers
  • Terms & Conditions

Please note, this document is intended to be used for preparation purposes only and is not an alternative application form. Only applications submitted via this online Application Form will be accepted for consideration.

If you have any questions, please sign up for our online Q&A on 11th June 1pm BST, or get in touch via

"We need to face up to this major challenge, partly because of the health and quality of life of our own residents. We want to clean up the air that they breathe, we want to reduce the use of plastic that's cluttering our rivers and our green spaces. We want to put Greater Manchester in a position of leadership on this crucial issue that will shape the 21st century, but if we are to succeed it does require radical action now."

Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester

You can't necessarily on a day-to-day basis see the impact of climate change but all these things are happening and they're things that have implications for our survival. [With Carbon Literacy] people are consistently coming away with that understanding and, critically, with the motivation to do something about it … they leave the room pumped and ready to go.

Richard Smith, Sustainability Manager at the BBC – CLT

By teaching about Climate Change in lessons I feel like we are helping to save the world in a small way. I am very proud that a lot of pupils gained the Carbon Literacy award. I know that there are many, many more of our pupils who are capable of this now. They are confident enough to talk about the science of Climate Change and how to stop it increasing. These pupils now have the confidence to teach others about Global Warming and Climate Change. They have taught parents, pupils, outside agency and schools in other countries.

Margaret Lynch-Deakin, Teacher at Heald Place Primary School

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