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As a charity with no government funding, The Carbon Literacy Trust wouldn’t be where we are today without the generous support of our corporate partners who work tirelessly to help us make Carbon Literacy accessible to everyone. As such, we actively pursue partnerships with organisations that share our vision.

There are numerous ways to partner with us for different budgets and commitments. If you’re interested in working together, find out how you can become a Carbon Literacy Partner.

Platinum Partners £50,000+

Gold Partners £25,000+

Silver Partners £10,000+

Bronze Partners £1,000+

Friends of The Carbon Literacy Project £365+

“We are delighted to have been instrumental in supporting The Carbon Literacy Project. Our sponsorship not only demonstrates our long-held commitment to promoting environmental issues but also provides us with a unique opportunity to be part of an initiative that has the potential to make a very real difference to the future of the planet.”

Roger McHugh, Managing Director at Beechfield Brands – Gold Partner and Founding Sponsor

"Each year our colleagues from our Stockport office raise funds for local charities by having bake sales and taking part in sponsored challenges or sporting activities. Colleagues are then encouraged to nominate a charity that has a personal significance to them. This year, we were able to support six charities from our local area. The Carbon Literacy 10 for 10 Accelerator seemed a natural choice for us, and as The Carbon Literacy Project is celebrating 10 successful years, we wanted to celebrate with them as a thank you for the support."

Tony Heslop, Senior Sustainability Manager at BASF – Friend of The Carbon Literacy Project

"Donating £5,000 was a great way to celebrate our Gold CLO award, as it equates to £10 for every learner that got involved and enabled us to achieve the accreditation. We have 500 certified learners, which accounts for 50% of the people at Auto Trader. It’s a massive thank you to our workforce, and it now gives 500 other people the opportunity to become certified as Carbon Literate.”

Christos Tsaprounis, Head of People & Culture at Auto Trader – Silver Partner

"At Patagonia, we believe that businesses and governments have a responsibility to centre citizens in the implementation of solutions to the environmental crisis. We support The Carbon Literacy Project as they offer an opportunity for organisations to introduce accessible, science-led, peer-to-peer learning that enables their teams to take the lead in addressing their organisation’s footprint."

Harry Brook, Community Marketing and Impact Specialist UK/IE at Patagonia – Bronze Partner

“We must all play our part in reducing the carbon impacts that drive the climate crisis, and it is our decision-making as an organisation that can have the biggest impact. That is why Ecosurety has rapidly embraced Carbon Literacy within our own organisation. It is why we have developed our own bespoke training for the packaging sector, which we deliver to leading UK and global producers. And it is why we are proud to sponsor the 2024 Carbon Literate Organisation Awards, to champion the organisations who are empowering their teams and reducing their impact via Carbon Literacy too. Together we can accelerate change towards an environmentally sustainable world.”

Will Ghali, CEO at Ecosurety

"We have been working with The Carbon Literacy Project for three years, yet many of our employees are not aware that The Carbon Literacy Project is a charity and operates on a not-for-profit basis. It is important to highlight this and shine a light on the excellent work that The Carbon Literacy Project does."

Tony Heslop, Senior Sustainability Manager at BASF – Friend of The Carbon Literacy Project

“The donation helps make Carbon Literacy more accessible to sectors and individuals who might not otherwise have the chance, or be able to afford, to engage with the training. We thought it was vitally important to make sure this great training is available to charities, schools or individuals who may not otherwise have the chance.”

Christos Tsaprounis, Head of People & Culture at Auto Trader – Silver Partner

“As a B2B content marketing agency, we know how complex the subjects of sustainability and climate change are, never mind communicating about them as well. So when we discovered The Carbon Literacy Project through our 1% for the Planet membership, it seemed like a perfect match. In short, we’re helping a fantastic organisation make an even greater impact."

Malin Cunningham, Managing Director at Hattrick – Silver Partner

"We hope that by making this donation, we go a little way in supporting The Carbon Literacy Project to enable others to begin their Carbon Literacy journey."

Tony Heslop, Senior Sustainability Manager at BASF – Friend of The Carbon Literacy Project

Founding Sponsor

We would like to gratefully acknowledge the founding sponsor of The Carbon Literacy Project – Westford Mill, whose financial support has made our work on this unique project possible.

Westford Mill, part of Beechfield Brands Ltd, provides a range of sizes and styles of environmentally friendly ‘bags for life’, manufactured from a range of natural materials, and is led by Managing Director, Roger McHugh. Having acted as founding patron, Roger continues to fully support the aims of The Carbon Literacy Project, which are consistent with the brand values of Westford Mill.

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