Carbon Literacy Toolkit for Automotive

Why Carbon Literacy® for the Automotive sector?

In 2019, transport was either the first or second highest CO2 emitting sector in over 75% of countries. Transport is responsible for almost one-quarter of global emissions. In the UK this is veering towards one-third, with road transport accounting for almost three quarters of these emissions. There is no denying that this is a sector primed for climate action and carbon reduction.

As one of the top polluters, the automotive industry is in a unique position to make an immense impact on global emissions, helping to bring us in line with the zero-carbon targets the science demands of us. This can pave the way for a better and more secure future for our Earth.


  • Carbon Literacy Toolkits have been developed to maximise the speed and ease with which Carbon Literacy can be adopted within each sector.
  • The addition of local content and case study examples are needed to customise the course, otherwise, the majority of materials have been developed and accredited to save time and costs, making adoption as easy as possible.
  • This Toolkit development has been completed by The Carbon Literacy Project, with the support and funding of Auto Trader. As always, training materials are developed, contributed, curated, selected and reviewed by representatives of the relevant sector.
  • Toolkit materials are kept up to date either by Course authors or by Toolkit sectoral experts working with The Carbon Literacy Project.
  • This approach maximises the opportunity for organisations to use the latest and best sectoral materials for their learners.
  • As a result, ‘reinvention of the wheel’ is avoided, and the expertise and experience of many are brought together, to deliver more effective training and better climate change outcomes.

Key Questions

Who can gain access to use Toolkits?

Toolkits are designed for specific sectoral audiences and content is matched to the needs of that sector and specific working roles.

As such, materials are only released to organisations that in the view of the funders, the sectoral consortium, or The Carbon Literacy Project, correctly belong to that sector. This is not only because of the need to maintain the quality of Carbon Literacy by ensuring the appropriateness of the content, but because Toolkits are usually governed by Creative Commons licensing agreements and content is owned by contributors who have only given permission for its use, or commercially licensed it for use, in specific not-for-profit contexts. Training organisations or consultants wanting to adopt Toolkit materials or adapt them for new sectors or audiences should in the first instance approach The Carbon Literacy Project.

If you are an organisation that has not had contact with The Carbon Literacy Project before we will normally arrange a call with you to understand your plans and connect you up with other organisations and people that may be able to help you.

Are they really free?

The Carbon Literacy Private Sector Automotive Toolkit and all its components are covered by a Creative Commons Licence and this formulation of materials is Copyright © The Carbon Literacy Trust 2020.

This toolkit and materials are designed and curated for, the purpose of certified Carbon Literacy training within the automotive industry and approved partner organisations. The contents are distributed free of charge and licenced (and in many cases sub-licenced) by many contributing organisations for that purpose only. The rights and copyrights of contributing parties still apply.

In other words, the Automotive Carbon Literacy Toolkit is free to use for the delivery of certified Carbon Literacy training within recognised automotive organisations and can be used by their appointed training partners to do this. The only external costs for usage are therefore those of certification for individuals (£10- £30 depending on annual income).

You may use these materials as a commercial product but ONLY to deliver certified Carbon Literacy training. You may not sell delivery of these materials outside of the automotive industry or to deliver training not intended to deliver certified Carbon Literacy training. However, you may be granted rights to use these materials beyond the current licence. If you are interested in doing so, please contact

Making the Case

One of the most common queries from automotive organisations is for advice and support to persuade colleagues of the financial case for their organisation to roll out Carbon Literacy; as well as for help, or useful materials, to make the initial case for participation to colleagues

Here are some resources you can use to help you make that case:

Automotive Carbon Literacy Toolkit: Pilot Course Testimonials

Here’s a little snapshot of the toolkit training in action at a pilot session at Auto Trader HQ. Hear from individuals who attended.


Tom Rumboll, Chief Executive at SYNETIQ

Tom speaks about how he found delivering Carbon Literacy training at his organisation.


Richard Blumberger and Andrew Lean, Marshall Motor Group

Richard Blumberger, Chief Financial Officer, and Andrew Lean, Volkswagen Director, at Marshall Motor Group discuss their role in the creation of the Automotive Toolkit and how it’s bringing their people together.

Andrew Humberston, Vice President and Managing Director at Nissan Motor GB

Andrew provides insight into why participation with the Carbon Literacy Automotive Toolkit is important to them and the wider automotive industry.

Richard Norris, Managing Director at Drive Green

Richard discusses four key areas – What drive green do to be green; Education; Measures to make staff greener; and, Areas for improvement.


Automotive Generic Staff Course

Free to use for qualifying organisations

Aimed at staff working in the automotive industry, without differentiating between roles.

The course is one day’s worth of interactive training. There is one version of the course, developed to be run, across either one full day or two half days, using an online video conferencing platform such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Produced in partnership with
Auto Trader
Contributing Organisations: Arnold Clark, Available Car, Dealer Auction, Drive Green, KIA, Jaguar Land Rover, Lookers, Marshall, Motorpoint, Perrys, RCI Banque, Sinclair Group, SMMT, Stellantis, SYNETIQ, Volkswagen

Course development funded by
Auto Trader

Course Overview

"I have learned that every small change I make to try and positively improve my carbon footprint counts. I think sometimes you can worry that your changes are so minute but every little helps! The co-benefits activity was great as I learned about other companies’ initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint. I.e., the salvage operations run by Renault. It sparked a conversation with our Aftersales director where I found out about Nissan’s after-market activities. It opens your eyes up to the small changes you can make on a daily basis to positively impact your carbon footprint. It also generates a conversation between family and friends, and I can tell them about what I learned. Therefore, this word-of-mouth effect then challenges those family and friends to consider their carbon footprint."

Alexandra Wenyon, Campaign Management Controller, Sales Operations at Nissan Motor GB

"We all have a part to play, and small individual actions are powerful when rolled up as a collective. It was engaging and thought-provoking, it also gave me some practical tools to help me with reducing my carbon footprint."

Danny Bishop, Head of Learning and Development at Lookers

"It was a very enjoyable and educational session! There was a lot to take away from it and I look forward to utilising the toolkit at Marshall. It's such worthwhile training and really makes you think about just how significant the effects of climate change are, and that we need to do whatever we can to do our bit in reducing our contribution to this."

Katie Porteous, Group Buyer at Marshall

"For me today was a hugely beneficial eye-opener on how much impact I as an individual can have and how I can also impact a large number of people with the role I have. I found the well-thought-through statistics and graphics that grabbed my attention were what had the most impact for me and the Carbon Map will be something I will continue to use. I also really enjoyed looking at my own carbon footprint. Impactful, eye-opening way to understand what Carbon means to you and the world!"

Samuel Price, Training Developer at Stellantis

"There is no more time to waste, we need to take action now. There is a crisis happening right now and everyone needs to be informed of how they are contributing to it, and what they must do to stop it."

Laura Murphy, Head of Innovation & New Mobility at RCI FS

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