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CL Reviews the Ladybird Book on Climate Change

October 2017 by Joe Dodd

As The Carbon Literacy Project recognised years earlier, the Prince of Wales saw that many people don’t understand what climate change is about.

“Why don’t you produce a simple plain English guide to the subject?” a friend urged Charles. That’s exactly what he has done, co-authoring “A Ladybird Expert Book” on climate change.

The 48-page book is in the style of the children’s Ladybird books of the 1960s. However, there is nothing child-like about the content.

The book is co-authored by Tony Juniper, the former executive director of Friends of the Earth, and the climate scientist, Emily Shuckburgh.

The authors have ensured that the book has been “extensively peer-reviewed by figures within the environmental community”.

It includes sections on the human causes of climate change, the impact on the planet and people, and finally, the solutions that are already underway. There’s even a section on the circular economy.

With clear language and scientific rigour, this introduction to Climate Change is an excellent Carbon Literacy resource for trainers and learners.

HRH Prince Charles signs off the preface of the book with a call to action by warning the “global public” to wake up to the “wolf at the door”.

The Carbon Literacy Project supports this message as it reflects a key part of our mission – to encourage and facilitate action on climate change.

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