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Could You Benefit from a Co-Facilitator?

January 2019 by Natalia Phipps

It’s been mentioned to The Project that trainers would sometimes like assistance delivering Carbon Literacy training, such as through the aid of a co-facilitator. As a trainer, you want to provide the best Carbon Literacy experience possible but may feel like you’re not able to give each learner the individual time they deserve, needing to manage delivery of the materials, set up activities, all whilst facilitating discussions and answering questions. Having a helping hand available to assist you, with tasks such as these, may be of great help to trainers and could lead to a more valuable experience for your learners.

Not everyone has the option of an in-house co-facilitator, however. Maybe no one else in your organisation has the time to assist you? Maybe there simply isn’t the funding available for the time of another trainer or facilitator? Or maybe you’re the only one in your organisation who feels they have the confidence and skills to deliver Carbon Literacy? A solution to all these questions could lie in a volunteer co-facilitator.

We’re currently exploring the possibility of ‘new-to-Carbon Literacy trainers’ volunteering as co-facilitators, as a way for them to gain either initial experience of delivery, or insight into a new sector. We believe this could be mutually beneficial for all involved, so would love to hear any thoughts you may have on this.

If you feel that your training could benefit from a co-facilitator, please get in touch and let us know. Likewise, if you are new to Carbon Literacy and feel that helping out a more experienced trainer could be of use to you, to improve your own skills and confidence in delivering Carbon Literacy training, please also get in touch.

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