Course Kit

The Carbon Literacy Course Kit

The Carbon Literacy Course Kit is a free resource that you can use to support the creation of your Carbon Literacy course.

What does the Course Kit contain?

The Course Kit currently consists of two distinct resources: Pre-approved Materials and a Resource Document.

The Pre-approved Materials are slides that you can use in your own Carbon Literacy course – either as they are or as inspiration. These slides have come from our own Carbon Literacy Toolkits, so you can rest assured that they have been tested and have been approved by our course accreditation team. The materials are divided into four folders, each mapping onto an element of the Carbon Literacy Standard.

The Resource Document is a compilation of useful links, articles, and advice which can support the creation of your Carbon Literacy course. If you need some inspiration for meeting an element of the Carbon Literacy Standard, this Resource Document will help.

We will continue to add resources to the Course Kit, so make sure to agree to update notifications so that we can inform you when new content becomes available.

How to access the Course Kit?

To request the Course Kit, email us at Please include some information about your proposed Carbon Literacy course and audience. Please also let us know if you have already met with The Carbon Literacy Project to discuss your course or if you have previously accredited a course. If you have already accredited a course, please include the course code in your email.

Please note that if this is the first Carbon Literacy course you are designing and you’ve not yet had an introductory meeting with us, one of our team will likely request a meeting before sending the Course Kit.

Key Questions

1. I can’t access SharePoint

If you realise your organisation has a block on Microsoft SharePoint, email us at, and we can send you the Course Kit in another way.

2. Can others use the Course Kit?

If you think another organisation, partner, or trainer could benefit from the Course Kit, rather than sharing this link with them, ask them to contact us at The Carbon Literacy Project.

It’s important that we have a chat with them about how Carbon Literacy works before they begin creating their course.

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