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Ditch Meat for May

May 2020 by Catherine McGinn

As we enter a new month it’s the perfect opportunity to explore new things, and perhaps set yourself a little challenge while staying at home. Thankfully, No Meat May has just begun!

It’s likely you’ll have heard of Meat Free Mondays or Veganuary before; similarly, No Meat May is a campaign and registered charity whose aim is to encourage people all over the world to remove meat from the diets in the 31 days of May. This could be a great challenge for those who want to cut down on their meat intake, but who aren’t prepared to go to the lengths of Veganuary yet – only needing to give up meat rather than all animal-based products! In the past, participation has almost doubled year by year and has seen a staggering 150% increase from last year with 25,000 people signing up this May. The charity also reported that in the past, an amazing 94% of participants pledged to keep up their meat-free lifestyle after the month is complete – a brilliant step in the right direction!


No Meat May was founded on four key principles:

1. Save the Planet

Less animal farming – reduces global greenhouse gases, results in less deforestation, saves precious water resources and puts a stop to species extinction.

2. End Factory Farming

Animal farming is the leading cause of animal cruelty worldwide – in many cases, factory farming hides the reality of the practices and leaves many shocked when the truth is uncovered.

3. Improve your Health

There are endless health benefits from consuming plant-based foods and subsequently, vegetarians/vegans have a lower risk of contracting certain chronic diseases, and also have a longer life expectancy.

4. Feed the World

Of the 7.8 billion people in this world, 840 million suffer from chronic hunger and starvation. The grains used to feed livestock means that poverty-stricken communities cannot access food for their survival.


Why is this Important?

Reducing meat intake, replacing animal-derived products with plant-based foods, is one of the most effective ways we can take action on climate change as individuals.

Did you know…

The current level of meat consumption is at an excessive, unnecessary high. Our daily choices, including what’s on our plates, truly have an impact on the future of our planet, so why not take the challenge and see what you can achieve?

Sign up to Meat Free May is still open, so what are you waiting for!

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