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Carbon Literacy for the Food Sector

What is Carbon Literacy® for the Food Sector?

The Carbon Literacy Shareable Course for the Food sector provides a comprehensive resource for facilitating a day of Carbon Literacy training tailored for organisations within the vibrant Food & Hospitality industries. This Shareable Food Course encompasses pre-accredited training materials strategically crafted to tackle the distinctive challenges and opportunities found in the hospitality and food service sectors. Whether you play a role in food production, distribution, or consumption, these materials offer practical guidance on reducing carbon emissions across diverse settings.

Developed collaboratively in partnership with industry experts in Food & Hospitality, and created with customisation in mind, this course is both relevant and effective in addressing the unique sustainability needs of the sector, resulting in an indispensable tool for developing a low carbon culture.

How the Shareable Food Course can help your organisation meet climate goals

Our current food systems drive 90 percent of deforestation, 60 percent of biodiversity loss, and a staggering 70 percent of the world’s use of fresh water. From farm to fork these systems are also heavily dependent on fossil fuels. Overall, the food sector contributes to over one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Decarbonisation isn’t only an ethical imperative, it’s strategically essential for food businesses. Organisations must go beyond operational emissions and collaborate with suppliers to reduce food waste and transform the way we produce our food through regenerative agriculture.

Implementing Carbon Literacy across the workforce can be the driver for this transformative change. The Carbon Literacy Shareable Food Course has been designed to offer organisations in the Food sector a holistic approach to climate education, acting as a driver for a cultural shift across an organisation. This course equips organisations with the tools to instigate science-based change and develop net-zero strategies. By fostering inclusivity, the course encourages a shared understanding, promoting collaboration and genuine engagement with sustainability goals across the organisation.

How to Start your Journey

To get started with your Carbon Literacy journey, you can browse the available pathways below to help you find the most suitable option for your organisation.

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Key Questions

Will the Carbon Literacy shareable Food course fit the needs of my organisation?

Editable slides throughout the training allow you to tailor sections to your organisation and location whilst optional slides allow you to build a course which focuses on the area’s most appropriate to your business.

For organisations who want a highly bespoke course, we suggest you use the Shareable Food Course as a baseline of materials which you can then adapt, customise and resubmit to the Project for Criteria Checking.

How can the Shareable Food Course be delivered?

The Carbon Literacy Shareable Food Course comes in four modules with everything you need to deliver a day’s worth of interactive training. The four modules can be delivered as a whole or be broken up into segments and delivered over several weeks, face to face or remotely via Teams or Zoom.

Carbon Literacy encourages discussion and the development of collaborative cross-team solutions, so in-house training using peer-to-peer delivery is our model of choice.

The process to become an in-house trainer simply requires you to be Carbon Literate yourself (ie. attend a Carbon Literacy course). From here, you can choose to become an accredited Trainer with the support of our Trainer team. If you would prefer to have external support for course delivery, you can hire a Carbon Literacy Trainer from our Trainer Directory.

Training can be delivered in one single full day, two half days, or even multiple sessions at a few hours each. As long as the training totals a day’s worth of learning, the precise format can be discussed with our Criteria Checking team.

What modules are included?

Module 1 – Nature, Climate and Society

The Carbon Literacy Shareable Food Course looks at the broader sustainability picture of the food system using the Planetary Boundaries model. Climate change impacts and solutions are explored alongside areas such as biodiversity loss and land-use change.

Module 2 – The Power of Personal Change

A short section on personal carbon footprints allows employees to understand their opportunities to make sustainable choices, see how this relates to healthy diets, and then extend this awareness to discussions and collaboration around organisational goals.

Module 3 – Farming for our Future

Module 3 looks at agricultural practices. For many in the food and hospitality sector, there has been a tendency to focus on reducing emissions in their own operations, covering scopes 1 and 2. Whilst this reduction is an essential part of a comprehensive net-zero plan, when we look at the full footprint of an organisation, land use and on-farm emissions represent the most significant opportunity for companies to play their part in reaching net zero.

Module 4 – the Environment is our Business

Module 4 looks at key business themes from the Science Based Targets Initiative, to emissions scopes and gives employees the opportunity to select, discuss and brainstorm ideas around the organisation’s carbon hotspots.

Can I use my own branding?

The colour themes on the slides can be adapted to fit your organisational branding and you can include your own organisational logo. We do however ask that you keep the Carbon Literacy Logo in place, ensuring there is 25% spacing around the logo at all times.

With staff shortages, can I commit my team's time to this training?

Yes! Many employees (particularly younger employees) now want to work for employers who take sustainability action seriously, and Carbon Literacy training can help with both staff recruitment and retention.

Training staff with Carbon Literacy is a form of professional development, helping to engage, empower, and provide all members of the team with the agency and confidence to have a say in how your business can take meaningful climate action.

Educated employees become advocates for genuine engagement and action towards tangible net-zero goals. A study by Harvard Business Review found that companies with well-implemented sustainability education programs experienced a 50% reduction in environmental incidents and a 25% improvement in overall performance.

Cost of Accessing the Shareable Food Course

The price of the Shareable Food Course is dependent on your organisational turnover. To find out what price bracket your organisation falls under, view our Food Sector Price Matrix.

Food Sector in Action

“The range of activities [in our Carbon Literacy course] sustained engagement throughout the day, and we were left with knowledge about the positive changes we can make, both individually and in our organisations, to tackle climate change."​

Alison Gray, Fairtrade Association

"The Carbon Literacy Project is a fantastic initiative for any business that wants to take an informed step forward in their sustainability agenda.”​

Emma Love​, Product & Sustainability Director at PROPER Snacks

“Primafruit are pleased to be working with The Carbon Literacy Project to develop a better understanding of our carbon emissions and impact on the environment, and to help deliver that understanding across the Primafruit network. The Carbon Literacy Project team provide great support and training, and are on hand to help and improve our understanding.”


“I was thoroughly impressed by the Carbon Literacy training I recently completed. A methodical, engaging overview of the climate change crisis we are all facing, the emissions fuelling it and the importance of ways we can all help to tackle it, it underscored for me the importance of our society becoming as Carbon Literate as possible. We at Wells & Co. are excited to explore how this training can benefit our wider business, and I’d encourage any organisation that takes environmental sustainability seriously to collaborate with the Carbon Literacy team.”

Ed Robinson, Sustainability Manager at Wells & Co

“Thinking about running a Carbon Literacy course? Do it! You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain, and these guys run a really excellent course, a really, really great day. It's informative, it’s fun, it’s a little scary at times - I mean this is a big problem we’re facing - but you go away feeling really empowered, ready to do something about it.”

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Celebrity Chef & Environmental Campaigner


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