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Go Bigger Better Bolder for the Action Day

August 2023 by Catherine McGinn

With the Carbon Literacy Action Day (CLAD) now less than four months away, we are looking forward to supporting an array of organisations and trainers to simultaneously deliver Carbon Literacy training, en mass, to unique audiences all across the world.

After the success of our first two annual Action Days in November 2021 and 2022, where many hundreds of learners were trained and went on to become Carbon Literate, we hope to make an even greater impact this year as we have our sights set on having one thousand individuals trained as part of the Action Day.

As the Action Day takes place during COP28, and with annual COP conferences being the largest climate events of the year, this presents an opportune time to take significant action on climate change. Although world leaders will meet to reflect on climate goals and negotiate new ones, we know that we cannot wait for governments to lead us in the fight against climate change. So whilst governments talk, we’ll act!

Since COP27 in Egypt last November, the world has continued to face fossil fuel-powered, human-induced climate consequences; but this time at an even faster rate. Climate disasters have taken place in all corners of the globe; from uncontrollable wildfires, thunderstorms, typhoons, earthquakes, and unbearable heatwaves; the latter resulting in July 2023 being the hottest month on record.

It’s now more important than ever to collectively act on climate change, and by joining us on the Carbon Literacy Action Day, together we can have a profound impact on climate change, as we enable organisations, communities and individuals around the globe to take meaningful action that will cut emissions – but we need your help to make a difference.

So, with the need to accelerate action on climate change, we want to encourage organisations and trainers to think bigger. But how?

Go Bigger Better Bolder for CLAD

For CLAD 2023, we have introduced the theme of Bigger Better Bolder; where we challenge you to think of ways that you can take your training to the next level. By delivering even stronger Carbon Literacy training, together, we can have the greatest impact possible in the race against climate change.

Going bigger, better and bolder means going outside of your comfort zone and doing something extraordinary this Action Day, to make an impact within your audience or sphere of influence. We’re encouraging you to be creative and think about how you can move away from the ‘norm’ and use Carbon Literacy training to catalyse more meaningful and longer-term impacts. So, how will you deliver Carbon Literacy in a way that you haven’t yet before? For more inspiration on how to meet this theme, click here.

The CLAD Catalyst Award!

By going bigger, better and bolder for the Action Day this year, you could be in the running to receive an award unique to the Carbon Literacy Action Day – the CLAD Catalyst!

The CLAD Catalyst Award recognises and celebrates initiatives that are particularly catalytic and effective in taking action on climate change through Carbon Literacy.

The award will go to just three training providers that have delivered highly catalytic training, and whose commitment to tackling climate change was strongly demonstrated through the training they delivered.

The award recipients will receive:

  • A unique CLAD Catalyst logo to recognise your commitment to Carbon Literacy and climate change.
  • Credits to your Carbon Literacy certificate balance to go towards further catalytic work.
  • A promotional pack to help promote your award.

Will you be one of our CLAD Catalysts?

All you have to do is;

  • Ensure you are registered to take part in the Action Day.
  • Read more about our theme here.
  • Work with our team to plan and deliver catalytic Carbon Literacy training.
  • Tell us in your post-CLAD survey, that you’ll receive on December 4th, how you’ve met our theme of Bigger Better Bolder.
  • …Then wait for the results in December!

If you’re registered to take part in CLAD 2023 and need inspiration, advice and support on how to be in the running for the CLAD Catalyst Award, or for general enquiries about the Action Day, get in touch at CLAD@carbonliteracy.com.

If you haven’t yet registered for CLAD 2023, you can sign up here.

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