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Taking Carbon Literacy a Step Further

June 2019 by Natalia Phipps

So you’ve just been certified as Carbon Literate, well done on completing your training! By now you will be able to see the scale of the problem that we are facing in terms of climate change. With only 11 years left to curb emissions by 50% to stay within the carbon budget set out by the IPCC in their 2018 report and have a reasonable chance of keeping warming to 1.5 degrees, then we need radical action now.

As a Carbon Literate citizen, in addition to your individual and group actions, designing and/or delivering training in your community, organisation or even within a social group of people such as a sports team or book club, is a way to step up and help share your Carbon Literacy knowledge.

Susi Arnott is one such person who has decided to create a Carbon Literacy course:
“I’m currently in the process of writing a course that addresses individuals in my own central London ‘village’ of Elephant&Castle, with its mix of class, culture, age and experience. I decided to embark on this after realising that friends, family and neighbours are still largely unaware of how much agency they have in changing the planet’s course from a heading to disaster, to a positive future.”

You may think that developing your own Carbon Literacy course is a complex process however getting started is straightforward. We’ve developed this handy infographic to show you how it works:

Now that you can visualise the process, everything else you will need to begin designing a course is laid out on our website here.

We also run criteria checker workshops to assist you with course design and evidencing, plus general input on what approaches and resources are available and particularly useful for your audience. If you need any further help or have questions about designing your course, contact us.

Please note that even though this article is titled ‘So You’re Carbon Literate… What Next?’, you do not need to be certified as Carbon Literate to design and deliver a Carbon Literacy course. The same process still applies as is laid out above.


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