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Taking Carbon Literacy Beyond the Classroom

June 2024 by Anna Romachney

You might be familiar with our Education Toolkit, but did you know that there are a variety of other Carbon Literacy Toolkits and courses on offer which you can make use of to take Carbon Literacy beyond the classroom and out to others ?

These Carbon Literacy courses are specifically designed for their respective sectors, much like our education materials. Courses can be adapted for use in the classroom or can be used to deliver training to external organisations you work with. You can also develop and accredit your own training that you can use to deliver internal or external training.


Why use other Toolkits?

Using other Toolkits for external delivery saves time in developing and accrediting your own course. Our Toolkits are designed to be sector-specific and are continually updated to align with the latest events, policies and science. You can also develop your own training and get it accredited. This can be even more tailored to the organisation you are delivering to and its aims. It may be that you develop a course to offer externally or work internally with organisations in collaboratively developing their training materials.

Toolkits can also offer students more industry-specific climate education, which relates to the field they are venturing into. For example, you may want your medical students to complete training using our Healthcare Toolkit. Having been developed in partnership with the NHS, students are gaining industry-standard knowledge they can take straight into the workplace.


What have others done?

Barnsley College

Barnsley College has worked with their local authority in developing a Barnsley-specific course, which can be used by the community for Carbon Literacy training. Not only are they working to make a vast majority of their community Carbon Literate, but they intend for their students to be able to deliver the course once they leave the college. Through this local engagement, Barnsley College is supporting its community in increasing climate awareness and action, whilst also supporting their students in gaining skills and employability!

De Montfort University

De Montfort University has developed and delivered Carbon Literacy to their local SMEs, particularly focusing on the local fashion businesses in their area. They have not only supported local businesses in their sustainability journey, but they have also contributed their materials to the new SME Course Kit, which is available for others to use in developing and delivering their own Carbon Literacy training in Leicester and beyond!

Manchester Metropolitan University

Having delivered training to other educators such as universities and colleges, they have also developed and delivered training for a range of other organisations, such as local authorities as well as supporting others in developing their internal training. Manchester Metropolitan has also employed students as trainers for many years, which has helped them not only build capacity internally but has also supported them in extending their training offerings more widely.


The benefits of taking Carbon Literacy beyond the classroom  

Carbon Literate Educator

By taking Carbon Literacy out of the classroom to other organisations, you can help to facilitate your institutions’ goals for attaining CLE accreditation. By training other external organisations and supporting them in becoming more carbon aware and taking effective action, you can put this forward as one of your significant actions required for CLE.

Enhanced reputation

By assisting local businesses, organisations and the wider community, you can illustrate yourself as an organisation that supports the wider community in helping them work toward the sustainable future we need. It can also be a positive insight for prospective students, who value sustainability and those who take effective action.


Whilst there are restrictions on using the Education Toolkit courses for generating profit, some of our Toolkits and indeed your own training, can be delivered and charged for. This may be a venture that can help in supporting your own internal delivery as, by charging for external training, the profits can be fed back internally to support your own initiatives. Whilst colleges can additionally benefit from our ringfencing scheme, universities are able to utilise profits from delivery.


You can have a look at the different Toolkits and courses we have available via our Sectors webpage or download our guidance document on the process for taking Carbon Literacy Out of the Classroom.

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