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The Carbon Literacy Action Day 2024

April 2024 by Catherine McGinn

The fourth annual Carbon Literacy Action Day (CLAD) will take place on Thursday 14th November 2024 – coinciding with COP29 – and you’re invited!

About the Carbon Literacy Action Day

The annual International Carbon Literacy Action Day is the world’s largest climate education and action training event. From every corner of the globe, thousands of people of all ages, backgrounds, and nationalities will unite to undergo their day’s worth of Carbon Literacy training.

The Action Day is more than just a training day, it is a global movement that inspires a revolutionary and lasting impact, as organisations, trainers, individuals, and sectors are united in a shared commitment to address climate change and create a low-carbon future wherever they are.

Aligning with the UN COP29 Climate Change Conference – the pinnacle climate summit of the year – the Action Day holds significant importance. While world leaders gather to negotiate on climate policy, Carbon Literacy learners will be on-the-ground learning, collaborating and becoming empowered to act.

To ensure CLAD is as inclusive as possible, and that everyone who wants to can be part of the collective success, we’ve decided to extend this year’s event to 4 days. While CLAD culminates on 14th November, and we encourage as many training providers as possible to schedule training for this intended record-breaking day, all training programmes taking place between 11th and 14th November will count towards CLAD.


The climate crisis is everyone’s concern, and requires collective action at local, national, and international levels. The Carbon Literacy Action Day presents a call for this necessary action, as Carbon Literacy engages and educates everyone, everywhere, inspiring individuals to actively take action against climate change and bring around a low-carbon culture in settings and locations around the world.

Carbon Literacy is transformative, because not only do learners become equipped with essential knowledge on climate change, the science behind it and its effects both locally and globally, but learners are given the agency to turn this knowledge into action by committing to two pledges to tackle climate change – one as an individual and one as part of a wider group.

In last year’s Action Day, we witnessed record-breaking results as 2,303 individuals simultaneously completed Carbon Literacy training to become formally certified as Carbon Literate. These learners came from 12 nations, 75 training providers, and 225 organisations, spanning 28 sectors of society, who collectively saved approximately 6,000 CO2e.

After the record-breaking success of our third Action Day in 2023, this year we are aiming even higher for version 4.0 later this year.

How to get involved

To get involved in the Action Day, all you have to do is schedule or join an Action Day course.

You can start your journey by registering your interest via our Registration Form. Once signed up, we will share information and next steps on how to successfully plan for CLAD.

If you have any questions on involvement, please register to read the information we provide first. However, you can email CLAD@carbonliteracy.com for any additional queries.

We are excited to host our largest Action Day yet, and look forward to having you join us in this historic event!

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