Carbon Literacy Toolkits

What are Toolkits?

  • Carbon Literacy Toolkits have been developed to maximise the ease and speed of adoption of CL.
  • Other than local customisation, adopting a certified CL Toolkit eliminates course development and accreditation time and costs as barriers to adoption.
  • Toolkit development is supported by The Carbon Literacy Project, but as always, training materials are contributed, curated, selected and reviewed by representatives of the relevant sector.
  • Toolkit materials are kept up to date by sectoral experts and The Carbon Literacy Project.
  • This approach maximises the chances that organisations use the latest and best sectoral materials for them
  • As a result, ‘reinventing the wheel’ is avoided and the experiences of many brought together to deliver more effective training and better outcomes.

Are they free?

This depends on the source of the Toolkit and how its development was funded. Sometimes the use of Toolkits requires organisations to join a sectoral Carbon Literacy consortium, sometimes at a cost – which is or has been used to fund development and or ongoing support of Toolkits for that sector. However once joined, materials are normally free to use to members of that Consortium. Even when a consortium fee is payable, it usually represents a fraction of the cost of developing, accrediting and maintaining training materials independently.

However, many Toolkits – particular those for the public sector are entirely free to use for qualifying organisations as defined by the sectoral funders. For more details see the appropriate sectoral pages below.

Who can gain access to use Toolkits?

Toolkits are designed for specific sectoral audiences and content is matched to the needs of that sector, so materials are only released to organisations that, in the view of the funders, the sectoral consortium or The Project, correctly belong to that sector. This is not only because of the need to maintain the quality of Carbon Literacy by ensuring the appropriateness of the content, but because Toolkits are usually by Creative Commons licensing agreements and often content is owned by contributors who have only given permission for its use in specific not-for-profit contexts.

The Toolkits and materials are designed and curated for the purpose of certified Carbon Literacy training.

Training organisations or consultants wanting to adopt Toolkit materials or adapt them for new sectors or audience should in the first instance approach The Project – you can contact us:

The Carbon Literacy Trust via

Sectors with available Toolkits

Local Authorities

Courses for:
Generic Staff Course
Senior Management and Leadership Course – Coming Soon
Councillors Course – Coming Soon
Pension Fund Trustees and Managers Course – Coming Soon

View sector

Universities and Colleges

Courses for:
Generic Staff and Student Course
Business Schools Course – Coming Soon
Senior Management and Leadership Course – Coming Soon

View sector

Emergency Services

Courses for:
Ambulance Service Course – Coming Soon
Fire Service Course – Coming Soon
Police Service Course – Under ongoing investigation…

In development – check back soon!


Courses for:
Clinical Commissioning Groups Course – Coming Soon
Small Providers and General Practitioners Course – Coming Soon
Large Providers and Hospitals Course – Coming Soon
Population Health Course – Coming Soon

In development – check back soon!

Central Government

Courses for:
Generic Government Staff Course – Coming Soon

In development – check back soon!

Social Housing

Courses for:
Carbon Literacy Cartefi Cymru
Carbon Literacy for Recommended Providers – Coming Soon

In development – check back soon!

Toolkits under development

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