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Triple Nomination for Unlock Net Zero Awards

April 2024 by Lucia Simmons

Image credit: Unlock Net Zero Awards

They said that good things come in threes, and now we’ve got firsthand experience to prove it! The Carbon Literacy Project has been named as a finalist in not one, not two, but THREE categories for the 2024 Unlock Net Zero Awards.

What are the Unlock Net Zero Awards?

The Unlock Net Zero Awards, hosted in partnership with the British Property Federation (BPF), recognise and champion progress on the journey to decarbonisation for the UK housing, built environment and property sectors, along with the professional services and supply chains that support them.

What have we been shortlisted for?

Out of 14 categories celebrating the success and collaboration of individuals, teams, partnerships, projects and organisations, we have been named as a finalist for three significant categories:

  1. Company/organisation of the year
  2. Skills & training
  3. Collaboration of the year – Education and engagement

Why have we been shortlisted?

Company/organisation of the year

With over 92,000 certified learners across over 7000 organisations, The Carbon Literacy Project is one of the largest low-carbon culture change projects in the UK. Our impact over the past year has grown exponentially; we certified over 30,000 learners in 2023 alone.

Our award-winning approach brings together a wide range of individuals and organisations across all sectors to decarbonise. This spans housing associations, tenants, contractors, and householders in the built environment and housing sectors. Those in customer-facing roles have used Carbon Literacy as a tool to engage communities in working together to reduce energy demand and bills, improve food, transport and health systems, and enhance local employment opportunities and skills.

Skills & training

Our Social Housing Toolkit Courses offer social housing organisations a ready-made, adaptable set of training materials to help their employees and tenants understand what they can do to reduce carbon emissions.

In 2023, we launched our Householders Toolkit Course, for community members who live in or engage with housing association homes. It’s designed to enable direct engagement between landlords and tenants and give space for tenants’ voices to be heard, bringing fairness, balance & trust to the net zero transition.

Along with the Social Housing Staff Course, which launched in 2021, these courses are helping to drive the decarbonisation of the UK social housing sector and beyond. Both Toolkit Courses help to establish a universal understanding of climate change and its impacts globally and locally, and help learners to develop low-carbon interventions and communicate climate change meaningfully.

Collaboration of the year – Education and engagement

Our sector-specific training Toolkits are created in close collaboration with organisations in the sector to ensure the training best meets the needs of its specific audience and to facilitate organisations to roll out Carbon Literacy training as quickly and easily as possible. The first Social Housing Toolkit Course was co-developed with Great Places Housing Group and was funded by the Carbon Literacy for Registered Providers (CL4Ps) Consortium; a group of 20 social housing organisations formed around recognition of Carbon Literacy as a valuable tool for delivering decarbonisation.

We continue to partner with a wide range of organisations in the housing and built environment sectors to spur climate action. Just one example of this is that, as a result of discussions during the Carbon Literacy training sessions at Broadacres, two of their directors in attendance decided to electrify their fleet of vehicles. Before the course, they thought they would wait for electric charging points to be available in their rural area, but the training instead spurred them to spearhead electrification by mapping out and strategically installing the electric charging points themselves. This is how pledges from one course can create positive ripple effects across the wider sector.

When are the winners announced?

The Unlock Net Zero Awards ceremony will take place on June 26, 2024, at Manchester Central. It promises to be an inspiring event, bringing together industry leaders and change-makers who are making strides to accelerate the sector’s drive to decarbonise. We’re honoured to be named among them. Best of luck to our fellow finalists! But whatever the results, you can be sure we will use the ceremony as an opportunity to connect and collaborate further in our shared mission to achieve a zero-carbon future. So we look forward to seeing you there!

For more information and to secure your place at the ceremony, visit the Unlock Net Zero Awards website.

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