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Twitter Digest – August

September 2015 by Dave Coleman

Every so often we’re going to issue a Twitter Digest: a collection of the most thought-provoking tweets and re-tweets from us from the recent past. If you haven’t already, please follow us @Carbon_Literacy to get the latest updates on climate issues, resources and stories that relate directly to Carbon Literacy, climate change and all things related.


The Carbon Literacy Project Team


Inspirational Tweet of the Month!

@Carbon_Literacy Aug 8
You have to see these pictures of Seattle’s kayaking climate protesters.


The Good News:

@Carbon_Literacy Aug 14
Bloomberg: Renewable energy race has passed a turning point @tsrandall ?@business

@Carbon_Literacy Aug 16
ESOS opportunity will empower energy managers, says Northern Rail

@Carbon_Literacy Aug 19
China leads decarbonisation charge ahead of #Paris

@Carbon_Literacy Aug 26
One CL delegate has saved £10,000 in ?#energy bills + diverted over 30,000 litres of waste away from ?#landfill!

@Carbon_Literacy Aug 31
What incentives should you provide your employees to reduce ?#carbon emissions? Read & find out! ?#csr ?#esg ?#susty


The Not So Good News:

@Carbon_Literacy Aug 2
Striking evidence: 6 Aerial images show how deforestation has altered the Earth (v.useful CL Resource) via ?@ecowatch

@Carbon_Literacy Aug 5
404.73 PPM ?#CO2 in our atmosphere. Threat level: CRITICAL. Time for solutions, join us ?@ClimateKIC!

@Carbon_Literacy Aug 27
Scientist accepted $1.2 million from the fossil-fuel industry. Allowed political skeptics to bolster their arguments.

@Carbon_Literacy Aug 30
UK to miss key targets on ?#carbonemissions. Coal-fired power plants to stay open far longer than Government pledged.

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