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Winners of the CLAD Catalyst Award 2023!

January 2024 by Catherine McGinn

We are incredibly excited to announce that the winners of the CLAD Catalyst Award are…

Barnsley College, North Somerset Council and Transport for London!

The CLAD Catalyst Award is our unique initiative that celebrates and champions organisations that plan and deliver a particularly impactful – and catalytic – Carbon Literacy training activity as part of the annual International Carbon Literacy Action Day.

As such, the awardees are recognised for having a strong commitment to Carbon Literacy, and are provided with a demonstrable badge showcasing their dedication to climate action, using their influence to train staff and the wider community, cut carbon emissions and accelerate towards a zero-carbon society.

After the success of the award being introduced last year, for 2023, we brought in the new theme of Bigger Better Bolder, where training providers were encouraged to go the extra mile in their own unique way, by offering bigger courses, better quality of training and taking bolder climate action, all resulting in their training having a higher, longer-term impact.

After a busy few weeks of reviewing submissions, we are thrilled to have selected the winners of the CLAD Catalyst Award 2023. Each award recipient embraced the theme of Bigger Better Bolder and delivered truly catalytic Carbon Literacy in their own unique way as part of the Action Day.

Barnsley College

Courses: 2 | Learners: 820 | Nation: England

Barnsley College made Action Day history as they trained a record-breaking 820 learners on 4th December.

The College has undertaken a comprehensive and inclusive approach to Carbon Literacy, making it an integral part of its Sustainability Strategy. With the ambitious goal of training all staff, the college organised its inspiring Action Day activity to kick off their environmental awareness week at the College, which ended to align with COP28 Education Day.

The College’s extended action week also featured engaging initiatives such as SDG games, a “How Bad are Bananas?” game, zero-waste Christmas decoration creation, a climate café, and a range of workshops.

This outstanding effort showcases its strong dedication to promoting and embedding Carbon Literacy within the institution, setting an exceptional standard for educational impact in the transition towards zero-carbon.

Sasha Beswick, Sustainability Officer at Barnsley College, said:

“Barnsley College’s commitment to Carbon Literacy has truly been a catalyst for a sustainable culture change across the College. I personally have witnessed a rapid, positive change in just one year of engaging with Carbon Literacy.

“CLAD was an opportunity to bring Carbon Literacy into the classroom and I am delighted with the level of engagement and enthusiasm shown by both our staff and students. We are thrilled to have been awarded the CLAD Catalyst award and look forward to seeing the wide-scale impacts of our students’ pledges in the following months!”

Well done Barnsley College!

North Somerset Council

Courses: 1 | Learners: 175 | Nation: England

North Somerset Council’s dedication to Carbon Literacy reached new heights during the 2023 Action Day, setting an impressive standard for in-person training. Hosting the largest Carbon Literacy training in one day at a single venue, the council engaged 175 participants from 50 organisations, creating a diverse and collaborative learning environment.

In a bid to contribute to the Net Zero Business scheme, funded by the UKSPF program, the council developed a unique course tailored for businesses and communities. Notably, the course extended its reach to SMEs, VCSEs, and the wider community, promoting inclusivity in the net-zero journey.

The in-person event featured an incredible lineup of 6 guest speakers, adding depth to the training with insights from industry leaders, as well as including an inspiring video from, TV Presenter and Conservationist, Chris Packham, recorded especially for everyone who attended the training. The inclusion of 10 volunteers showcased a community-driven effort, ensuring the success of the training despite challenges such as adverse weather conditions and last-minute attendees.

Councillor Annemieke Waite, Executive Member for Climate, North Somerset Council, said:

“We’re absolutely thrilled to win the CLAD Catalyst award and to have our commitment to tackling the climate emergency recognised.

“Our climate emergency team worked so hard to put together a fantastic event for Carbon Literacy Action Day, which will have huge impact on reducing emissions locally and creating a healthier, happier, greener North Somerset.”

Well done North Somerset Council!

Transport for London

Courses: 3 | Learners: 35 | Nation: England

Transport for London (TfL) has set an impressive benchmark for Carbon Literacy, emphasising both the quantity and quality of its training efforts. Running three courses with 35 delegates on 4th of December, TfL achieved a milestone of training over 2,000 employees in the financial year, illustrating its commitment to widespread awareness.

TfL has expanded its efforts to make Carbon Literacy accessible to staff, offering over 10 courses a week until the end of the financial year. The creation of a Carbon Literacy community on the employee intranet with over 800 members further emphasises TfL’s dedication to fostering a collaborative and supportive environment for employees on their zero-carbon journey.

What sets TfL apart is its top-level management’s dedication to Carbon Literacy, as key figures within TfL were trained, including the Commissioner and Chief Officers, underpinning their commitment to a sustainable future, as evidenced by all leaders certifying in Carbon Literacy and publicly pledging their commitment.

Lilli Matson, Chief Safety, Health & Environment Officer at Transport for London (TfL) said:

“We are delighted to receive the Catalyst Award for Carbon Literacy Action Day 2023. Carbon Literacy has become a central part of our efforts to expand our knowledge and better enable a net zero London. Thus far, thanks to volunteers, in-house trainers and coordinators, we have already trained more than 3,200 TfL colleagues in Carbon Literacy.”

Well done Transport for London!

Looking ahead

We would like to extend our thanks to all of the organisations that took part and went the extra mile for Carbon Literacy, all of whom helped make the Action Day 2023 a historic, record-breaking event. We are proud to work with organisations that share our passion for climate education, empowerment and action, and are grateful to those choosing Carbon Literacy as the tool used to achieve this. We look forward to witnessing how these organisations continue disseminating Carbon Literacy, inspiring learners everywhere to act for a better future for all.

If you’re inspired by the stories of our three CLAD Catalysts, and would like to take Carbon Literacy into your own organisation, or plan catalytic training for the next Action Day in 2024, get in touch with CLAD@carbonliteracy.com.

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