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Year-End Discount Scheme 2024

March 2024 by Emma Richards

Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash.

Having got 2024 off to a fantastic start, you’ve likely set your targets for the year ahead and already have an idea of the number of staff, volunteers, students or community members that you are hoping to accredit as Carbon Literate over the next year or so.

If your year-end is approaching, you may also have a budget underspend for this year or a little budget left over and are wondering what to do with it.

To help you spend wisely, we’ve created a special year-end discount scheme; meaning now is a great time to bulk-purchase your block of certificate applications, at a great price, setting you up to achieve and accelerate your goals for the year ahead. But don’t delay, these prices only last until the end of the month!

Purchasing a block of certificate applications saves you paperwork, by minimising the number of purchase orders required and invoices processed, saves you money and saves your budget – it’s a win-win-win!

Certificate applications remain on-account with us until such time they can be used by your organisation – maximising the effectiveness of your budget into the year to come.

Any organisation that pays the Base Price* for certificate applications is eligible to apply for a discount under the scheme.

The discounts available can be found in the table below, and apply to all orders made until the 31st March 2024**.

Quantity of Certificate Applications Discount % Price per Certificate Application
1 – 99 £10.00 – Base Price
100+ 2% £9.80
250+ 4% £9.60
500+ 6% £9.40
1000+ 8% £9.20
2500+ 10% £9.00

* Base Price applies to all public sector, education and community audiences, including community-based training run by social housing organisations, and any organisation that’s turnover/revenue is less than £5M. The discount is not available to organisations paying Enhanced pricing. Pricing tiers can be viewed in the Price Matrix.

** Purchase Orders must be received by the 31st March 2024 to be processed with the discount.

Contact us at info@carbonliteracy.com for more information

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