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10,000 Certified Learners!

April 2019 by Helen Filby

We are excited to announce a major milestone in our history books… 10,000 citizens have now officially been certified as Carbon Literate! This means that over 20,000 actions have been pledged by individuals, organisations and communities in the effort to reduce carbon emissions.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been a part of this journey so far. We owe the success of The Project to a huge range of people, our founders and team, trustees, dedicated volunteers, trainers; and not forgetting all the fantastic organisations who have worked with us disseminating Carbon Literacy training, many of who are CLO’s and CLTO’s.

Starting from scratch, over the last 7 years, Carbon Literacy has spread throughout the country, and internationally. Below charts the growth in the certification process, tracking how many individuals became Carbon Literate each year (and where we’re hoping to be by the end of 2019):

Earlier this year at the Greater Manchester (GM) Green Summit, organisations in attendance were asked to show their commitment to the green agenda, by pledging actions to facilitate GM in reaching our 2038 carbon neutral target. Our Co-Director, Dave Coleman, joined others on stage, committing The Carbon Literacy Project to certify 5,000 new learners in the Greater Manchester area in time for the next summit in March 2020. This will tie into our expansion of The Project not only throughout GM, but further afield throughout the UK and Europe where we’ll also continue to develop Carbon Literacy.

We greatly look forward to reaching our next certification milestone and hope that you continue on the journey with us, helping to further disseminate Carbon Literacy to your audience and sectors.


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