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Carbon Literacy for Colleges Support Scheme

January 2023 by Sarah Davies & Anna Romachney

Updated 24/01/23: Deadline extended until Tuesday 14th February!

The original blog below has been updated to reflect the new deadline to access the Carbon Literacy for Colleges Support Scheme.

The Carbon Literacy Project is delighted to announce the launch of the Carbon Literacy for Colleges Support Scheme. Sixth forms and colleges in the UK will have until 14th February to take advantage of a 25% discount which will be available for the certification of students.

Why Carbon Literacy for Colleges?

The demand for green skills and knowledge is growing rapidly, with numerous sectors looking to hire individuals who can help create more sustainable and greener solutions and initiatives. Further Education (FE) provides students with crucial opportunities, regardless of discipline, to gain this vital knowledge that they can utilise in progressing to university or the world of work.

As a day’s worth of accredited learning, Carbon Literacy training provides students with an important understanding of climate change issues and solutions whilst equipping them with the ability to take this into their future. As a widely recognised global accreditation, it provides students with a competitive edge whilst clearly demonstrating their knowledge of climate issues and solutions.

Support for Carbon Literacy in Colleges

Whilst colleges have shown great interest in Carbon Literacy training, we are aware of the impact funding can have in enabling participation in such a programme. Particularly given the budget announcements in Autumn when further funding was not allocated to support Further Education.

As an organisation, we recognise the importance of educating young people on these issues and want to do our best to support and facilitate this. Therefore, we have chosen to launch our support scheme to better help colleges and sixth forms in providing the opportunity of Carbon Literacy to their students.

Ready-to-go Carbon Literacy Resources for Further Education

The MMU Carbon Literacy for Further Education Toolkit course provides staff with all the materials they need to enable their students to become Carbon Literate citizens. This interactive course facilitates an engaging discussion about the issues of climate change whilst providing them with the information they need to take concrete positive action. So far, over 1000 FE students and staff nationally have been trained using the course, with success seen in colleges such as BHASVIC and the FESussex partnership.

The MMU Carbon Literacy for Further Education Toolkit course is free for sixth forms and colleges to use. The only cost involved is for the assessment and certification of learners which, for the month of January 2023, will be discounted.

Discount Details

  • The discount will only apply to students, with a 25% reduced assessment rate of £7.50 per learner.
  • A minimum of 100 certificates must be acquired by a college or sixth form to qualify for the discounted rate with a maximum of 500 certificates purchased by an institution.
  • Assessments have no expiry date so can be used at any point in the future but must be used for students.
  • There are 20,000 certificates available at this discounted rate, and you have until the 14th February 2023 to purchase them.

Find out More

Watch the recording of our webinar, delivered in collaboration with the Association of Colleges on 11th January, for more information about:

  • What The Carbon Literacy Project is
  • The materials and support we have available to sixth forms and colleges
  • How the discount can be accessed

Watch the webinar here

For any further questions, please contact Anna and Sarah at education@carbonliteracy.com.

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