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CLAD Shortlisted for Prestigious Award

April 2024 by Lucia Simmons

Image credit: Business Green

The Carbon Literacy Project has been shortlisted for the prestigious UK Green Business Awards for ‘Behaviour Change Campaign of the Year’ for the 2023 Carbon Literacy Action Day (CLAD)!

In hosting CLAD, we promised that “while leaders talk, we act”, and on that, we delivered. As the COP28 negotiations played out, we staged the largest mass climate education-and-action training event of its kind globally.

A historic impact:

With five times the number of learners trained compared to the previous year, the third annual CLAD saw record-breaking results:

  • 2,303 learners trained
  • 4,606 climate actions pledged
  • Approximately 6,000 tonnes of CO2e saved
  • 12 nations, 28 sectors, 225 organisations and 75 training providers involved

Breaking barriers:

CLAD addressed the severe lack of relevant climate action training available to organisations, communities and individuals by providing comprehensive education accessible to everyone at a time when it is desperately needed.

Unlike generic training programs, CLAD training initiatives tailored content to individual needs, ensuring they were relevant to their specific audiences.

Coinciding with the COP28 global climate summit, CLAD acted as a catalyst for action, breaking down inertia and inspiring immediate engagement. It offered clear direction amidst the overwhelming amount of information on climate change, combatting feelings of helplessness and apathy.

Bolstering best action:

Our unique CLAD Catalyst Award celebrates and champions organisations that plan and deliver a particularly impactful – and catalytic – Carbon Literacy training activity as part of CLAD.

This year’s winners, Barnsley College, North Somerset Council, and Transport for London, went ‘Bigger, Better and Bolder’ with their CLAD training initiatives, empowering as many of their people as possible to take the boldest actions they could to cut carbon and combat climate change.

Thank you!

This recognition is by no means ours alone. It is owed to all those who took part in CLAD 2023 and embraced the opportunity to foster collective commitment to low-carbon culture change. So, thank you to everyone involved for being part of this movement for a better future.

Thank you also to the Business Green Awards for shortlisting us for this award, and congratulations to our fellow nominees, Birmingham County Football Association, Cambridge Water, Giki, Deloitte, Hubbub, NHS, Octopus Energy, Water UK, Zero Carbon Forum.

We can’t wait to find out the winner on 12th June!

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the announcement about CLAD 2024 next week!

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