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Launch of Carbon Literate Educator (CLE)

January 2024 by Education Team

We are very excited to be launching our new Carbon Literate Educator (CLE) accreditation. Based on our Carbon Literate Organisation (CLO) accreditation, CLE is specifically designed for educators to showcase and celebrate the commitment to educating their staff, students and community as Carbon Literate and in supporting them in taking action. In response to feedback from the Education sector that our Carbon Literate Organisation (CLO) award, did not fully reflect the amazing work that educators do, the influence they have or the contributions they make to society that, we have developed CLE.

What is CLE?

A Carbon Literate Educator (CLE) is an educational organisation which has been accredited by The Carbon Literacy Project as having a substantial commitment to Carbon Literacy, by engaging with staff, students and the wider community, through education as well as direct carbon reducing actions.

CLE follows a similar structure to CLO, in that there are 4 levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum) with the requirements reflecting each increase in level. Like CLO, the CLE accreditation lasts for three years, and, like with CLO, an educator can upgrade to the next level during this time.


Why CLE?

CLE will enable education providers to showcase their commitment to Carbon Literacy whilst striving toward a zero-carbon world. A CLE accreditation provides a demonstrable badge that illustrates an educator’s commitment to upskilling their staff, students, stakeholders and wider community with vital green skills and knowledge which translates into tangible action.

CLE has been developed with input from a variety of colleges and universities who are heavily engaged in Carbon Literacy to ensure the accreditation meets the needs of organisations whilst maintaining a balance between being an aspirational, attainable and accessible accreditation for all educators.

Who is CLE for?

The CLE accreditation has been designed for any kind of formal educational institution with a taught student body and is suitable for educational institutions at secondary school, college/sixth form and university levels.

How does CLE differ to CLO?

Whilst CLO is intended for a variety of organisations, CLE has been uniquely designed specifically for educational organisations. CLE has been designed to better encompass the range of groups that educators engage with, particularly their students, as well as other stakeholders and the wider community.

CLE is a customisable accreditation framework, designed to reflect the diversity of educators and their different settings. Whilst certain criteria are mandatory for each level, educators are given the freedom in selecting their additional criteria, which best suit their unique settings, and demonstrate where they can have the biggest impact.

One of the biggest differences in CLE is the Spheres of Influence. The Spheres of Influence have been developed to encompass the diverse range of audiences that Educators engage with as their influence expands well beyond the walls of the institution. To attain a CLE accreditation, Educators are asked to take actions which engage with different Spheres of Influence.

How to apply for CLE

Similar to CLO, CLE requires the completion of an application form demonstrating how the awarding criteria has been met. Once launched, you’ll be able to download the CLE application form and detail how you meet the criteria of the different award levels, submitting supporting evidence as appropriate. This is then reviewed internally to determine whether your setting meets the requirements and if successful, your organisation will be awarded a CLE accreditation.

The CLE timeline

CLE will be launched on Tuesday 23rd January 2024 with applications opening directly. Come along to our launch webinar at 4pm on 23rd January to find out more and ask us any questions. We look forward to seeing you there!

Lastly, like with CLO, CLE will have it’s very own unique awards ceremony.  The application deadline for CLE accreditations to be awarded this year will be the 31st of August 2024. We can’t wait to celebrate your Carbon Literacy achievements at our very first CLE awards ceremony this Autumn!

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