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My Experience of Becoming a Carbon Literacy Trainer

January 2018 by Chloe Andrews

In October 2016 I began the five week Train-the-Trainer programme for Carbon Literate students at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Since then I have:
– Delivered 11 Carbon Literacy training sessions to students across the university.
– Undertaken a Carbon Literacy focused undergraduate dissertation where I am developing my own bespoke Carbon Literacy training package for conservation organisations.
– Began volunteering with The Carbon Literacy Project in my free time.
– Started assessing new trainers in the latest cohort of Train-the-Trainer students.

I wanted to become a Carbon Literacy Trainer (CLT) as I knew it would be a great way to improve my presentation skills, learn how to successfully communicate difficult (but important) topics, in my work, academic and personal life, and ultimately have a positive impact on our planet. The Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) Train-the-Trainer programme also offered a more rewarding alternative to the typical part-time jobs that students take on in Manchester, providing me with a professional qualification, alongside increased skills and confidence.

I found the course highly engaging and feel as though it has helped me become a more well rounded individual. The most memorable part of the training was being coached and assessed in public speaking by MMUs Director of School of Theatre, David Shirley.

Becoming a CLT also inspired me to become more active within Manchester’s green minded community. As a result I helped to assemble, and became Chair of, MMU’s Environmental and Geographical Society. Through this role I have collaborated with organisations such as the Manchester Climate Change Agency, Manchester Greenpeace Network, Manchester Friends of the Earth, and Hulme Community Garden Centre, with the hope of inspiring Manchester’s youth to act on climate change.

What I enjoy most as a CLT is seeing students excited to make green changes to their lifestyles; knowing that their experience of Carbon Literacy has led them to perceive making such changes as a positive process as opposed to a chore.

Through my work with The Carbon Literacy Project, I have developed a sense of readiness and excitement towards graduating from my BSc in Ecology and Conservation this summer, and in pursuing a career in Science Communication.

Thank you Carbon Literacy!

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