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Stay Up-to-Date with GM Green City News

May 2019 by Emma Richards

The Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) is calling on citizens of Greater Manchester to sign up to it’s ‘GM Green City News’, a regular newsletter keeping you up-to-date with the environmental goings-on within the city-region. Spread the word to your “friends, family and work colleagues too, together we can make a difference”!

Done want emails? You can also stay in touch with GM Green City News by following them on Twitter @GMLowcarbonhub or visiting www.gmlowcarbonhub.com

GMCA also recommend a list of initiatives and actions citizens of Greater Manchester can take right now to tackle climate change at home, in your communities and at your place of work:

The Carbon Literacy Project – Find out how you or your workplace can become one of the many Carbon Literate already making a difference. (If you’ve not joined us already!)

GM Green Switch – By switching to a cheap, clean energy supplier at home and in the workplace, we can increase demand for the local generation of energy from renewables.

Green Growth – Could your workplace work more efficiently, save money and energy, need advice on opportunities for green growth in the region, or for extra support to help you grow in the low carbon and environmental goods and services sector.

Clean Air GM – We all want to breath clean air, take part in TfGM’s clean air conversation and find out how to travel by more sustainable modes.

Recycle for GM – Refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, it’s a mantra that’s (hopefully) second nature, find out how and where in GM.

Local Energy Advice Partnership – For information on your energy saving at home contact our local energy advice programme.

Nature GM – Needing the inspiration to get outdoors and find out what we are doing to help preserve Greater Manchester’s green spaces.

Carbon Coop – Planning home renovations, for advice on retrofitting your home, making it fit for the future.

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