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Supporting Small Organisations

March 2020 by Emma Richards

Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

It’s a tough time for the many incredible small businesses, social enterprises and charities across the country which will be especially hard hit by this pandemic. Now more than ever is the time to band together and work to support and protect these small organisations where we can. This can be in small but simple ways, such as by:

– Shopping for your essential food and medical purchases at your local bakery, greengrocers, or community shop
– Purchasing ahead for services you know you’ll use in the future (e.g. at your local hairdressers)
– Buying a membership or gift card for a local business
– Buying presents and gifts for others in advance of needing them
– Donating directly to support community and not-for-profit organisations and charities, and Gift-Aiding your donations

All of these things will help to keep small businesses and social enterprises afloat during these tumultuous times.

People have been kind enough to ask how we are doing and how people can support us. As you can read elsewhere, we are open for business as normal but, inevitably, the current crisis is affecting us in terms of disruption and income.

If you’re interested in supporting The Carbon Literacy Trust there are two main ways you can go about this:

As an individual, you can donate directly to The Carbon Literacy Trust here.

Any donations are greatly appreciated and will be used directly to support us and deliver the Trust’s charitable aim – to offer everyone Carbon Literacy – a day’s worth of learning about climate change for everyone who lives, works or studies. And, because we are a registered charity, if you Gift Aid your donation, we can claim an additional 25% of your donation back from the Government.

As an organisation, whether you’ve already been working to deliver and embed Carbon Literacy for a while or have only just come across Carbon Literacy, you can assign budget and pre-purchase any of our services in advance including:
– Course accreditation (criteria-checking)
– E-learning licences
– Individual certificate applications
– Carbon Literate Organisation accreditation
– Trainer accreditations.

All of these pre-purchased services remain on your account until such time as you’re ready to use them. Purchasing now also ‘locks-in’ these services at the current price, reducing your costs in the long-run against planned price increases.

Currently, there’s also a small year-end discount scheme to help organisations use current financial-year budget underspends constructively, and ensuring even better value for money – find out more here.

If you’ve any questions about how to go about supporting The Carbon Literacy Project, please get in touch.

And a big ‘Thank-you’ for ALL you do, in any of the categories above, to support small organisations!

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