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"Volunteering with The Carbon Literacy Project has given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and learn something new about climate change every day and gain many new skills along the way."

Belkais Zagandi

"There is a well developed volunteer support structure and the role offered substantial experience for my CV as well as being tailored to my personal goals. I left to work full-time as a copywriter with Media City based communications agency Media Agency Group, and used much of my experience from working with The Project."

Micaela Rossi

"As an environmental graduate, volunteering with The Carbon Literacy Project has been such a positive and inspiring experience at a time where there is so much uncertainty about climate change. I was encouraged and supported to work on ongoing projects and any new ones that I expressed interest in. The skills and insight I have gained will be very useful for any future work that I go on to do."

Natalia Phipps

"Volunteering for The Project has encouraged me to understand different industries and their perspectives. It has expanded my knowledge of climate change and my understanding of the importance of reducing our carbon footprint. It has also taught me a new skill set in terms of data management and teamwork. The great teamwork atmosphere in the office has motivated me to be better and encourage others."

Fiona Ieong

"Volunteering for The Carbon Literacy Project was just overall a really great experience. I felt very supported in practising the design skills I came to develop, and the whole team was really friendly. I ended up learning loads just through swivelling my chair around and joining in with whatever the team was chatting about!"

Oskar Walin

"Undertaking a placement year with The Carbon Literacy Project has given me the opportunity to learn and develop new professional skills as well as expand my knowledge on current climate change issues and our future impact. The work of The Project has equipped and inspired me for future opportunities, as I have gained knowledge and skills I can use to make a real change and encourage others to do the same."

Rebekah Clarke

"Being a Carbon Literacy placement student has been invaluable. My confidence, diligence, and task management skills have developed ridiculously quickly. Not to mention having the opportunity to attend events like COP26! The team have shown me how an organisation can grow exponentially whilst still upholding the highest quality of work and employee wellbeing."

Nicole Baldwin

"Being a volunteer and subsequent placement student at the Carbon Literacy Project, I learn so much from assessing people's pledges. It gives me a great sense of hope for the future seeing all the different positive actions that people plan to take. It's also incredibly fulfilling helping to bring Carbon Literacy training to organisations, as I know that’s increasing the number of people who are helping to make a difference."

Anna Romachney

Why Volunteer?

The Carbon Literacy Project is currently going through an exciting period of growth, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without the help of our dedicated Volunteer Workforce which has given us their time and expertise over the years. In order to support the scale-up, we need Volunteers who can offer anything from a regular day a week, to full-time project assignments.

At the moment these roles are unfunded, but we cover reasonable public transport travel expenses (including a bike travel allowance), lunch allowance for city-centre working, and an opportunity to gain documented experience for qualification support or CVs, contributing to a globally unique, ground-breaking project.

The Carbon Literacy Project is committed to promoting a diverse and inclusive community – a place where we can all be ourselves and succeed on merit. We offer a range of flexible working arrangements to support volunteers from different backgrounds. We particularly encourage applications from individuals who are:

  • Black, Asian, or belong to an ethnic minority in the UK
  • from working-class backgrounds
  • living with a disability

… all of whom are currently under-represented within The Carbon Literacy Project and the wider environmental sector.

Volunteer Application Form


Volunteer Project Worker

Applications Deadline: Ongoing

Induction Days: Regular induction days taking place monthly

We need a wide range of skills and experience for different tasks and from different people, these include:

  • Administrative support
  • IT database and web skills
  • Desktop publishing and graphics

In addition, for specific roles, The Carbon Literacy Project needs individuals with practical experience of:

  • The school and education sector
  • Commercial business experience
  • Community engagement experience

We ensure that all our volunteers are Carbon Literacy trained. If you’re not already Carbon Literate when you join us, we will look to find a course that you can attend to gain certification. Volunteering with The Carbon Literacy Project, we will help you to develop knowledge and skills relevant to your desired career path, and will look to involve you in areas of work that you’d like to gain experience in.

If you are interested and think you might have the skills and enthusiasm to offer, please complete our downloadable volunteer application form above and, along with a recent CV, email to info@carbonliteracy.com listing ‘Volunteer Application’ as the subject.

Please note that this role is permanently advertised, so you may be added to our waiting list until such time that a position becomes available.

Sector Toolkit Team Volunteer

Applications Deadline: 31st January 2023

About the Role:
Our dynamic Sector Toolkit Team (STT) coordinate the development, support and advocacy of our Toolkit materials. Toolkits allow organisations to use pre-developed and accredited materials to deliver sector-specific training. The role of the Sector Toolkit Team Volunteer will be to support the everyday running of the Toolkit development team, to help enhance processes and assist with the roll out of our Toolkits.

Our team work across a range of different sectors, and more information can be found on our Toolkits webpage.

How to Apply:
Click here to read the full volunteer job description. To apply, please complete our downloadable volunteer application form and, along with a recent CV, email it to info@carbonliteracy.com listing  ‘Sector Toolkit Team Volunteer Application’ as the subject.

Academic Placements

The are currently no academic placement opportunities with The Carbon Literacy Project.

Please check back for the academic year 23/24.


We are taking action against climate change, and in doing so, we are taking very direct responsibility for our economy, our planet, and our way of life. We, therefore, ask that our volunteers and employees be registered to vote – here’s why.

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