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Carbon Literacy Action Day 2022

May 2022 by Catherine McGinn

The second annual Carbon Literacy Action Day (CLAD) will be taking place on 7th November 2022 – day one of COP27 – and you’re invited!

What is the Action Day?
The Carbon Literacy Action Day is the largest climate action training event, bringing together hundreds, and perhaps even thousands, of people from all walks of life, ages and countries all across the world, together to complete their day’s worth of Carbon Literacy training. And after the success of our inaugural Action Day on November 1st 2021, we have set our sights even bigger for round two later this year.

In last year’s Action Day, we witnessed a remarkable 502 individuals complete their Carbon Literacy training to become formally certified as Carbon Literate. In total, these learners came from 29 organisations, from a span of 14 sectors of society, who delivered 35 individually unique Carbon Literacy courses across the nations of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Croatia, Australia and Guatemala!

In the same way that the climate crisis is everyone’s concern, Carbon Literacy is for everybody. That being said, the Action Day is a true representation of Carbon Literacy and our core value that this applies to everyone, everywhere. CLAD is an opportunity for us to showcase our collective breadth, vision and action by doing what we do best – educate people with Carbon Literacy, in as many different settings and locations as we possibly can, to take action on climate change and bring about a low carbon culture.

Carbon Literacy is truly transformative, because not only do learners become equipped with knowledge on climate change, the science behind it and its effects both locally and globally, but learners are given the agency to turn this knowledge into action through committing to two pledges to tackle climate change – one as an individual and one as part of a wider group.

Since our launch in 2012, we have certified over 35,000 learners from more than 3,000 organisations, who have pledged 70,000 actions to combat climate change. In turn, we estimate that this has saved over 125,000 tonnes of CO2e.

We are continuing to grow at an unprecedented rate, and with additional celebrations this year, namely our 10th Anniversary and the 10 for 10 Accelerator fund, we are excited to see the 2022 Action Day take us to new heights.

Want to get involved?
At the moment, we only need expressions of interest, so please get in touch with us clad@carbonliteracy.com for any queries and to register your interest in the 2022 Carbon Literacy Action Day.

What Preparations Should I Make?
To find out how you might need to prepare ahead of Monday 7th November, please see from the below questions which option may be most suitable for you. If you aren’t sure which option suits you best, please get in touch with the clad@carbonliteracy.com.

1. Are you an organisation/community group currently delivering Carbon Literacy, or have delivered in the past?

Great! If you already have access to a course and materials, then this can be used to train people within your organisation or community group and there need be no delay in your taking part in the Action Day. Please express your interest at clad@carbonliteracy.com.

2. Are you an organisation/community group with access to training materials but haven’t delivered them yet?

If this is you, then please get in touch to let us know what materials you have access to and how you might plan on delivering them for the Action Day. A member of our team will get back in touch with you to discuss what external support you may need to help you get going.

3. Are you an organisation not yet engaged with Carbon Literacy, but wishing to be a part of the Action Day?

There may be a Sector Toolkit available for the sector your organisation operates in. Please see our Toolkits webpage to find out if there are ready-made Carbon Literacy training materials suitable for your organisation. If you are successful in finding materials suitable for you, please get in touch with the relevant sector email address, with the subject line ‘Action Day 2022’.

If you have not yet already begun your Carbon Literacy journey and there isn’t already a Toolkit for your sector, we strongly advise you to get in touch as soon as possible. This is because, to be able to take part in the Action Day, you will likely need to create and prepare a Carbon Literacy course suitable for the audience you are delivering to. Please get in touch with both clad@carbonliteracy.com and info@carbonliteracy.com to kick-start your journey at your earliest convenience.

4. Are you a Carbon Literacy Trainer interested in delivering a course for the 2022 Action Day?

Please get in touch with clad@carbonliteracy.com to register your interest and perhaps share what ideas, if any, you may have in mind for delivering this November.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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