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CL at the Heart of Regional Climate Action Plan

December 2021 by Emma Richards

The Yorkshire and Humber Climate Commission (YHCC) – an independent advisory body set up to bring actors from the public, private and third sectors together to support and guide ambitious climate actions – published their Climate Action Plan for the region toward the end of 2021. With a number of individuals from organisations delivering Carbon Literacy sitting on the Commission, and the success of the training in those organisations, it’s no surprise to see that Carbon Literacy has been championed widely and included in the heart of the Action Plan.

The Climate Action Plan lays out 50 actions – across: A Framework for Change, Climate Resilience and Net Zero – for how the Yorkshire and Humber region can meet its four inter-related aims…

  • to foster climate resilience and adaptation to climate risks and impacts
  • to support rapid progress towards net-zero carbon emissions
  • to encourage a just and inclusive transition and climate actions that leave no one and nowhere behind
  • to promote sustainability and climate actions that also protect nature and biodiversity.

Carbon Literacy features early on in the plan, within the Framework for Change, at Action Point 7 – ‘Advance education and engagement’. The plan calls for the use of Carbon Literacy with individuals and organisations across the region to ensure that people at all stages of life have the opportunity to learn about, and contribute to the efforts to mitigate, climate change.

This action plan is intended to be a positive, constructive and actionable document that will inform and guide climate actions across the region in the years to come, including by making the case for regional collaboration on this massively challenging issue. As we see the rapid uptake in Carbon Literacy both across the UK and internationally, The Carbon Literacy Project fully supports this aim and looks to collaborate with those looking to pick up Carbon Literacy as a tool, in-line with these regional aims.

Engagement with Carbon Literacy helps your people – whether that’s at a community, organisational or regional level – by making the urgency more comprehensible, the actions more obvious, and, crucially, the benefits of a zero-carbon Yorkshire and Humber more real. Not the first time Carbon Literacy has been included in a regional action plan, we’ve seen how the inclusion of Carbon Literacy helps to accelerate the wider delivery aims. We look forward to supporting the Commission and the wider Yorkshire and Humber region in reaching their science-based targets.

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