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CL in Scotland & Wales

July 2020 by Helen Filby

As we work more extensively within different nations and sectors, we want to be able to better showcase the projects taking place, and more easily signpost individuals to the information most relevant to them. As such, and due to the extensive work being carried out by our partner organisations, we’ve added specific webpages detailing the work being undertaken on Carbon Literacy in both Scotland and Wales.

Scotland has set a target of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045. To achieve this target, communities, businesses and organisations across all sectors will need to play a significant part in the transition to a low carbon Scotland. The Scottish Government has recognised the effectiveness of Carbon Literacy in helping to achieve their targets, and as such, are supporting a number of Carbon Literacy training initiatives, including Climate Ready Classrooms, and the integration fo Carbon Literacy into the Climate Challenge Fund. Head over to the ‘Scotland’ page, to find out more about these initiatives, the work of Keep Scotland Beautiful – an accredited Carbon Literacy Training Organisations – which administers them, and about CL in the region more broadly.

In Wales, the current Labour Government, as well as a number of unitary authorities and community and town councils, have declared a ‘climate emergency‘; setting a target of 80% reduction of carbon emissions against a 1990 baseline by 2050. Cynnal Cymru – Sustain Wales, The Carbon Literacy Project’s official partner in Wales, think that Carbon Literacy should be a defining feature of all education in Wales, and part of life-long learning. Head over to the ‘Wales‘ pages, which you can find in both Welsh and English, to find out more about work they’re doing cross-sectorally within Wales, including Carbon Literacy Cartefi Cymru – a consortium of Welsh social housing providers collaborating on Carbon Literacy for their staff and communities – which they helped to initiate.

As Carbon Literacy continues to grow, so will the number of region and sector-specific page areas, detailing where and how CL is growing, as well as how to get involved. So, keep an eye out… we look forward to bringing you more soon!



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