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IT Recycling Scheme Update

July 2020 by Helen Filby

In May, we wrote a piece informing you of our intention to organise an IT equipment recycling collection, through Carbon Literacy partner – ICT Reverse. We want to provide you with an update as we’ve recently been in contact with ICT Reverse to finalise the details of this initiative.

Once it reopens, our Manchester office will be the main point for physical collection and we will begin to do this as soon as we are able to safely return to the premises.
ICT Reverse handles millions of pre-owned phones, tablets, laptops and even desktop computers and servers, and, in an entirely secure and traceable way, securely wipes them, and strips them down for reuse in whole or in parts, or, failing that, oversees the recycling of their precious metals and other materials.
If you’re not located close enough to our Manchester office to allow physical drop-off of your unwanted equipment, there are other options, including arranging a collection from your location.

If this option sounds like the right one for you, please get in touch with our team and we will introduce you to our contact at ICT Reverse. First, however, prepare a schedule of the items that you wish to recycle, and submit that to us so that we can look to organise the correct type pf collection. If on evaluation, they think the value of your equipment would cover the cost of collection, this will be entirely free of charge, with half of any income ICT Reverse generates from your donation being given to our parent charity The Carbon Literacy Trust. This helps to support our work and the advancement of Carbon Literacy nationally.

If the value of your equipment won’t cover the costs of collection, ICT Reverse will inform you of the collection fee, at which point you can decide whether or not to go ahead. In order to bulk up your equipment into a more sizeable donation and increase the likelihood of collection costs being covered, why not ask colleagues, family, friends, neighbours or other organisations or businesses if they have any IT equipment they’ve been wanting to dispose of? This will help cover your costs, ensure more equipment gets safely recycled, and more value passed on to our charity…

We received a number of enquiries about whether and what number of mobile phones could be recycled as part of this scheme. If you’re located close enough to our office to physically drop them in, we can add them to our main collection to go through the wiping and recycling process free of charge. If you are located further away but have 10 or more handsets, please get in contact, as ICT Reverse will be able to send a free-post box for you to pack the handsets into, and return, to undergo the same process, free of charge. Again, if you don’t have enough handsets to warrant the free-post box on your own, why not ask and team up with neighbours, friends, and family to see if you can gather a larger collection together.

ICT Reverse work throughout the whole of the UK, and their services even extend into Europe. If you’d like to get involved or have any further questions regarding the process, just drop us a line at info@carbonliteracy.com.


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