Carbon Literacy for the Cultural Sector

What is Carbon Literacy® for the Cultural sector?

Carbon Literacy provides cultural organisations with the tools and resources needed to deliver a day’s worth of climate change training, empowering them to mitigate their carbon impacts and supporting their audiences to do the same. Various options exist for cultural sector organisations or individuals wanting to undertake Carbon Literacy training, including accessing a ready-made course, such as the Museums Toolkit or the Shareable Course for Theatres, which your team can deliver in-house.

If there isn’t a relevant course available for your audience, you could develop and accredit your own bespoke training. There are also several freelance trainers and training providers with accredited courses who may be able to support your Carbon Literacy ambitions. Our Cultural Sector Team can offer guidance on the best option for you. Read on for more information.

How Carbon Literacy can help your organisation meet climate goals

The Cultural Sector’s response to climate change is well underway, but there’s more to be done. Fostering a sector-wide understanding of climate change causes, impacts, and solutions is crucial to the response. Carbon Literacy training can support the sector’s efforts to reduce its impact, providing the tools to become an informed and environmentally active, low-carbon sector. Individuals and institutions in the sector have another pivotal role in the climate crisis. They can inform society’s response to climate change by telling the stories of our past, present, and possible futures, and utilise our shared cultural and natural heritage to inspire action. Carbon Literacy training can support this role by offering individuals and institutions knowledge so they can include climate change in their storytelling, stewardship, and creative practice.

What's available?

Ready-to-use courses for the Cultural Sector

There are several ready-to-use Carbon Literacy courses, which are detailed below. Please click on each block below to browse the available pathways to help you find the most suitable option for your organisation.

Training providers

If you would like to access training for yourself or your organisation, there may be a training provider who can support this. There are currently training offerings for museums and galleries, conservation, heritage, arts, theatre/theatre-makers, and the music industry. These trainers are external from The Carbon Literacy Project. If you are interested in receiving training, contact, and we can point you in the right direction.

Build your own course

Building your own bespoke Carbon Literacy course could be the right option if:

  • You want to deliver training in your organisation or setting, and a course isn’t available.
  • You want to deliver a highly tailored or specific course in your setting.
  •  You want to become a freelance trainer and add Carbon Literacy training to your creative practice or offer.

Our team can support you with this process and provide access to resources. Using an existing course as a foundation for your course may be possible.

Key Questions

Will there be more courses available?

Over the coming months, we expect ready-to-use courses for Heritage, Archives, Libraries, Arts, and Leisure/Culture Trusts, as well as Welsh adaptation of the Museums Toolkit, to become available. Look out for details or contact us for more information.

What do I need to become a trainer?

Everyone who delivers Carbon Literacy training should have their own Carbon Literacy certificate, and must attend our free 90-minute workshop, Delivering Successful Carbon Literacy, which can be booked here.

I’m not a climate change expert - can I deliver training?

Absolutely! Carbon Literacy training is introductory – you don’t need a science degree to deliver the material. Carbon Literacy training is an amazing opportunity for learners to share their ideas and their own knowledge, and it’s ok for you to say, “I don’t know the answer to that question – but I can try and find out!”

What’s the right option for me?

If you’re not sure whether you should use a ready-to-use course, find a trainer to deliver training, or build your own course, get in touch, and we can help you decide what’s right for you.

Making the Case

One of the most common requests from museums is for advice and support to persuade colleagues of the financial case for their organisation to roll out Carbon Literacy; as well as for help or useful materials, to make the initial case for participation to colleagues.

Here are some resources you can use to help you make that case:

"Having completed the Platinum Level of the NUS Green Impact Scheme, we felt becoming a Carbon Literate Organisation was a natural progression for us in order to showcase having a strong commitment to environmental sustainability."

Manchester Museum – Gold

“As a sector with stewardship and community at our heart, we have a responsibility to understand what is happening to our planet, take positive environmental action and engage with our communities in this process.”

Kaye Hardyman, Museum Development North West

I found the experience of being a CLF at Manchester Museum a very positive one. Its enabled me to help staff understand the issues around Carbon Literacy and to give them an understanding of how they can contribute to reducing [climate changes'] impact[s]. Its been a great experience chatting and discussing with a wide range of colleagues and especially seeing those for whom it’s been a real revelation and inspiration to take action. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Michael Whitworth, Manchester Museum

“I feel more confident that I can have conversations that will be inputted into actions, to make a difference on carbon reduction.”

Lynne Emeny, Business Manager at North Lincolnshire Museum

“For me, it’s about how we as individuals can influence so many people to start looking at climate change.”

Angela Routledge, Senior Officer – Visitor Services and Operations at Wakefield Museums and Castles

“I do a lot of climate action in my community, but it is good to think about how I can bring these actions to my museum and have an impact there.”

Claire Evans, Education Officer at Leeds University Library Galleries

Request a Course

To request the Museums Course, please send us an email, including the following details, to

  • A recognised Culture email address
  • Which course you are requesting?
  • Why you are interested in this particular sectoral course?


For any enquiries relating to Carbon Literacy for Culture please contact us at

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