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My Carbon Literacy Experience – Belkais Zagandi

March 2018 by Belkais Zagandi

In 2016, as a first-year university student, I decided to take part in the MMU Future Award to improve my skills and meet new people. Attending a Carbon Literacy workshop was an option as part of the award. After being educated on climate change, the effects of greenhouse gases on our planet, and how we can change our behaviour as an individual and a group to help save the environment and cause less damage – I came out of the room with completely new mindset. I started to think more about our daily activities, the huge damage we can cause, and what I can do personally to reduce my CO2 consumption.

So I started to shop less, to use public transport more, tell my family and friends about climate change, buy packaging-free products and much more. However, I still felt like I wasn’t doing enough, so in Summer 2017 I decided to join The Carbon Literacy Project as a volunteer. Volunteering with The CLP has given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and learn something new about climate change every day and gain many new skills along the way. I have enjoyed working within a friendly working environment, with a lovely team of people, all working towards The CLP goals, of making Manchester and beyond more sustainable, and to provide people who live, work, and study, a chance to become aware of climate change and to be certified as Carbon Literate.  Volunteering with The Carbon Literacy Project is an experience to remember and appreciate.

Belkais joined The Carbon Literacy Project in summer 2017. She is a second-year biomedical science student at Manchester Metropolitan University, where she gained certification as Carbon Literate in 2016. She wanted to enhance her CV whilst learning more about sustainability, so found The Carbon Literacy Project a really good opportunity to learn new skills and support the environment. Belkais is involved with a number of tasks including using the Salesforce software to update the CL database, as well as creating and scheduling social media content.

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